Voice Termination to 190+ Countries

Expand Your Voice Business With Us!

    Voice Termination to 190+ Countries

    Expand Your Voice Business With Us!

      International Voice Traffic Transmission

      In the Republic of Belarus NTEC is legally authorized to transmit incoming and outgoing international traffic. NTEC is a telecom operator that transmits traffic from Belarus to anywhere in the world and vice versa, which guarantees your subscribers high-quality and fast communication around the world.

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      International Transit Voice Traffic Transmission

      The international voice traffic transit service provides a reliable and efficient voice connection between different countries. It allows your customers to establish global telephone interaction for various needs, whether for business purposes, personal communications or other tasks, taking into account all international standards and security requirements.

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      Connections with leading international telecom operators for the purpose of international voice traffic transmission are organized by NTEC using direct junctions at the border of the Republic of Belarus, as well as at the largest traffic exchange sites in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). That is this we guarantee high quality services while maintaining a favorable price.

      Organization of connections with telecom operators is carried out using modern protocols SIP, SIP-T/I.

      The configuration of our software switches allows to locate them in two different administrative-territorial units of the Republic of Belarus. The switches provide load balancing between each other. In case one fails, its load is picked up by the second one (geo-redundancy).

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